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Why Choose Electric?

As the world takes significant strides towards a sustainable and greener future, electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a promising solution to curb carbon emissions and combat climate change. EVs produce zero emissions, significantly reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, Evs have lower operating costs, extensive technological advancements, and are more energy-efficient than gasoline counterparts.

Electric Vehicles in the Winter

Electric vehicles withholding the harsh Canadian winters have been a prominent reason why many are hesitant to switch into an electric vehicle. The cold temperatures can impact the batteries performance and efficiency, leading to decreased range per charge. When driving in winter conditions, it is important to plan their routes carefully, considering charging station availability and potential charging stops.

EV Charging

Electric vehicles are equipped to support DC fast charging, significantly reducing charging times and increasing the convenience for drivers on the go. GMC provides a user-friendly charging app that enables EV owners to locate nearby charging stations, check real-time availability, monitor charging progress, and manage payments seamlessly.

Charging at Home

Home charging solutions, include wall-mounted Level 2 chargers. These chargers allow GMC EV owners to charge their vehicles overnight conveniently, ensuring a full battery in the morning.

Charging in Public

For those times when you are away, GMC collaborates with public charging networks to provide access to a vast network of Level 2 and DC fast chargers. There are nearly 20,000 stations to use Canada-Wide.

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Chevrolet EV Lineup

Bolt EV

  • Estimated 417 km of Electric Range
  • 200 HP
  • One Pedal Driving
  • Sport Mode

Learn more about the Bolt EV HERE!

interior 2024 chevrolet trax

Bolt EUV

  • Estimated 417 km of Electric Range
  • Available Super Cruise Package
  • 39.1 Inch Rear-Sear Leg Room
  • Regen on Demand

Learn more about the Bolt EUV HERE!


Silverado EV

Anticipated Early 2024

Learn more about the Silverado EV HERE!

interior 2024 chevrolet trax

Blazer EV

Select Models Available Summer 2023

Learn more about the Blazer EV HERE!

Equinox EV

Select Models Available Summer 2023

Learn more about the Equinox EV HERE!

Corvette E-Ray

Available Late 2023

Learn more about the Corvette E-Ray HERE!

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